Happy Birthday MICRO-FILM!

On October 29, 1999, I had the giddy pleasure of introducing the first issue of MICRO-FILM on the opening night of the late Freaky Film Festival, unsure as to where those 32 bound pages would take me. Seven years, seven print issues, and two blogs later, the Magazine of Personal Cinema in Action has served up hundreds of writings on contemporary independent cinema, so here’s to many more!

I’d like to thank all the past and present Champaign-Urbana friends who have contributed to MICRO-FILM‘s integrity and longetivity, and also to the area filmmakers who have pretty much accepted that their creative business is an integral part to this venture, whether or not they understand it. 

Finally, I’d like to leave the Comments field on this post open for the next two weeks for those who might be interested in offering their thoughts on where MICRO-FILM and downstate cinema have come since 1999. Comments will be closed on Wednesday, November 15, 11:59 p.m. Please contribute!

– Jason Pankoke

2 Responses to Happy Birthday MICRO-FILM!

  1. James :

    I enjoyed reading your blog. I’ve only read one issue of the print magazine, but greatly enjoyed it. I find your sucess inspiring.

  2. Bill Pace :


    Seven years!? My, my the time flies. Why, I remember when you were just a toddler publication, still swaddled in brown paper diapers and a bib to stop you from drooling on the beautiful cover page!

    Jason, congratulations on publishing an AMAZING magazine, the kind I wish I had had access to when growing up in Central IL. Every issue makes me want to tell NYC to go to hell and jump in a car — preferably a truck — and drive back home to make movies there! Heck … I just may do that yet some day!

    Keep up the great work. Your baby teeth may be falling out at this age but you’ll be getting some adult class choppers to chew the film world a brand new one!

    Take care,