Talent sought for film, haunting

It’s a given that a filmmaking-driven site such as C-U Blogfidential can become techie and nerdy at times because the editorial stress is often behind the camera, off the set, or buried in movie history. However, that doesn’t mean we aren’t thinking about those who wind up in front of the lens, as you might have gathered with our LEADING LADIES posts from earlier this year, and we’ll gladly step outside the box (which is still planted firmly in left field, mind you) to present opportunities for talent when they become known.

To that end…

A writer/producer named Brandon Grubb is in pre-production for an indie feature called THE ACT OF SEPARATION, which he intends to film in the Danville, IL, and Covington, IN, areas during a “three-week window” in October. Grubb needs to cast seven lead roles – six male, one female, all early 20s – in the meantime. You can contact Grubb through this Craigslist posting or by writing brandion [at] sbcglobal [dot] net; he has character descriptions, a story summary, and the working script available to share with interested parties. SEPARATION is about a college student named Kyle who returns home for a weekend to do a good deed, although something sinister is clouding the familiar trappings that he’s known his entire life. “It’s definitely an artsy film of sorts,” Grubb tells CUBlog, “but with plenty of familiar action and character development.”

From the philosophically sublime to the pleasantly scary, long-time MICRO-FILM pal Tom Grassman dropped us a line to let us know that his wife Christy is helping put together a “high-end haunted house” with a horror movie theme in Pesotum, IL. The attraction will need actors in various roles throughout October until Hallowe’en weekend. Auditions are this coming Saturday, September 12, starting at 3:30 p.m. in Pesotum. If interested, you’re invited to call the lovely Mrs. Grassman at (217) 493-2012 for further information including the location where auditions will be held. It’s a paying gig, by the way. (We told you it was pleasantly scary!) I just wonder if the tubular Mr. Grassman might be found moonlighting in this house on non-Brat Pack nights … as an ill-fated pizza delivery man, perhaps?

~ Jason Pankoke

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