CUBlog now tween in C-U scene

Yes, yes, film folks in our shared cultural universe, we’re still buoyant and in orbit! When an editorial dry spell would hit C-U Blogfidential in past years, we always felt the need to congenially state our case and then double down on making up for the Calendar-only parade that would take the place of real news, features, and so forth. We’re going to refrain from laying down an apologetic streak this time and simply get back to business. Yes? Great. You should note an upswing in CUBlog liveliness beginning this week, although much of the initial writings will concern such in-house activity as the seventh New Art Film Festival coming to the Art Theater Co-op at the end of this month on Sunday, October 30, and the ninth issue of C-U Confidential digest, pushed back a bit and now slated to emerge the week of Monday, November 14. We will also point you towards a few off-the-path dalliances involving your currently grumbly editor before we segue back to our preferred track – the discussion of movie people, places, and things enhancing Champaign, Urbana, and the cities beyond – once the NAFF is in the immediate past, more than likely. We’ve been working hard all the while on those projects as well as formulating loose plans for allotting CUBlog the 10th anniversary treatment it was due in the spring and proactively arranging for special treats to mark the 10th anniversary of CUZine later in 2017. We cross our fingers that you – our dearest readers, those wondrous local film- and media-makers, all the arts-supporting citizens living in the C-U – will pitch in with your overall attentions and helping hands to make the most of our milestones and continuing publication! Thanks for checking in on us, we sincerely appreciate it.

Be good and productive,

Jason Pankoke
Editor & Publisher
C-U Blogfidential “since 2006”
C-U Confidential “since 2007”
Champaign, Illinois, U.S.A.

p.s. It has been exactly two months since we added a regular post. Yet, how closely have you been reading the Calendar? Consider giving them a second look for they offer more than you might think!

p.s.2 Our headline is not a joke. We may exhibit the occasional bratty tendency, like a stray meteorite slamming the atmosphere and flaring out quickly, as we rocket through the C-U galaxy. Helmet up!

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