PS2 CONTINUE to play in 2010!

All you pixel fiends thinking that I’ve suddenly gone gaga over video games on C-U Blogfidential after three-and-a-half years can rest easy; I have no intention on regularly pouring over the PlayStation or any other game-playing devices into the wee hours of the morning despite the headline. (It’s a different story for our illustrious Web master, the younger Pankoke.) Since I’m all about not playing games when it comes to those movies of MICRO-FILM Country, then I must be primed to drop a bomb about a new local film that you haven’t heard about yet. With that said, boom, shake the room:

Ed Glaser finally revealed the true nature of the “mystery” Dark Maze Studios production on their Weblog earlier this week, along with a set photo featuring snarky ninja “Lin-ku” in a basement predicament, so the official word is surely coming soon from the Dark Maze camp. Count on CUBlog to pass that word on to you, dear reader, when we have it!

Until then, we offer you a primer in advance of tonight’s 7 p.m. RAMPAGE screening at Armory 101 in the UIUC Armory Building, an exclusive interview with the “Turkish RAMBO” himself, Serdar Kebapcilar, which does not appear on the Dark Maze DVD. It’s an interesting discussion about culture and a movie business far removed from the multiplicity we take for granted in the United States. Enjoy!

~ Jason Pankoke

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