Act now! Is 5 p.m. today okay?

Well, well, well … pontificate, and ye shall receive.

Not only do we have an instant update on the Decatur indie film we just reported about, courtesy once again of the all-knowing all-seeing Cameron Counts, but it suddenly has a title – FINDING VIRGINIA. Because of its rush-rush schedule, we’re posting a last-minute announcement involving a second casting call which will take place from 5 to 8 p.m. today, Friday, October 16, in Springfield. That means anyone interested in the C-U area needs to hit the road in, like, an hour from now. If you feel efficiency is key in this instance, you can call (310) 497-2695 and state your case long distance.

All the details, including a current character list, can be found after the jump. If you choose to accept the challenge, we wish you good luck!

~ Jason Pankoke


FINDING VIRGINIA is a feature film being shot by Pounded Pavement Productions and 747 Productions at the end of October 2009. It will be shot in the central Illinois area and is still casting. An open casting call will be held on Friday, October 16, from 5-8 p.m. at the Capital Area Career Center, 2201 Toronto Rd., Springfield, IL. Any questions, call (310) 497-2695.

Pounded Pavement Productions proudly presents FINDING VIRGINIA, a feature length film exploring one woman’s journey from kidnap victim to self-possessed savior. Based on a true story, FINDING VIRGINIA examines the horrifying impact of a senseless kidnapping on the victim’s family and the assailant. Told from three different interconnecting points of view, this horrifying story tracks the movements of a brutal and violent young man, Nathan Daniels, as he kidnaps an unwitting single mom, Virginia Cutler, from the parking lot outside her office. While the balance of power initially tips strongly in Nathan’s favor, as the terrifying night wears on, Virginia (Ginny) finds the resolve and courage to save countless lives around her, proving that she will not let her strength of character crumble under one man’s aggression.

Co-written by Thomas C. Card, Stephanie Gold, and Christopher Boal (the brother of Mark Boal, critically acclaimed writer of THE HURT LOCKER), directed by award-winning photographer, Thomas C. Card, with casting assistance by Claire Traeger, casting associate for EDGE OF DARKNESS, THE GOOD WIFE, LAW & ORDER, etc., this film will inspire the audience to question the meaning of action, the role of forgiveness, and the process of healing.

Character Breakdowns:

Nathan Daniels (lead male): A stocky 19-20 year old, Caucasian man. Nathan was an out of work high school drop out before going to prison. He lived with his mother. He seeks the real things in life and gravitates to violence and firearms because of the adrenaline rush that allows him to feel real. Nathan is in prison on firearms charges.

Virginia Cutler (lead female): A thin attractive 19-20 year old Caucasian woman. Long blond or red hair. She is the single mother of a young girl. She lives with her daughter in a quiet neighborhood. She works at a department store and frequently visits her daughter during breaks.

Matt (Supporting male): 20-25 year old Caucasian male. Hard working dedicated young man. Boyfriend of Virginia.

Sheriff Thompson (supporting male): An average build 40-50 year old, Caucasian male. Interrogates Nathan. He has been on the job for many years and has seen it all.

Jim (Supporting male): 40-50 year old Caucasian male. Hard working loving father of Virginia.

Deputy Harris (Supporting male): 30-40 year old Caucasian male Average build. Deputy interviewing Matt.

Deputy Reynolds (Supporting Male): 30-40 year old Caucasian male Average build. Deputy interviewing Jim.

Attorney: 34-45 year old, Caucasian male. Attorney for Nathan.

Bobby: 19-25 year old, Caucasian male Friend and roommate of Matt.

Nathan’s Mother: 45-55 year old, Caucasian female.

Matt’s Mother: 45-55 year old. Caucasian female.

Todd: 18-21 year old, Caucasian male. Friend of Nathan.

Booth Attendant: 18-25 year old, Caucasian female.

Lost Woman: 35-45 year old. Caucasian female.

First Officer: 25-35 years old, Caucasian male.

Second Officer: 25-35 years old, Caucasian male.


[Updated 10/22/09, 18:15 p.m. CST]

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