Accident Films auditioning soon

Accident Films, the micro-budget troupe from Bloomington-Normal responsible for last year’s feature-length drama ARTS & SCIENCE (see item: 4/12/06), has announced that two new productions are in the works. One is titled ON THE WAY, created by ARTS writer/director David Roby, and the second is tentatively called AS MERCY DOES, to be written by Jon Stagg and directed by Joe Stoltz. Producer Owen Brazas, in Champaign this past Wednesday to perform with his band Benelli at Mike ‘n’ Molly’s, told C-U Blogfidential that pre-production has begun on both movies.

Casting for AS MERCY DOES is set for Saturday, January 20, in Normal. Interested performers should contact Production Coordinator Katie Witkowski to schedule an appointment. The story, about the gulf that broadens within an already dysfunctional family unit after “Andrew” is paralyzed from a spinal cord injury, features four main speaking roles and several additional parts in a group therapy scene. Click here to read further plot and character descriptions.

Accident Films’ earlier projects can be rented at The Movie Fan in Normal, including ARTS & SCIENCE, A BLOODY MESS, and THE LETTER, while limited-edition DVDs of ARTS and MESS can be purchased here.

– Jason Pankoke

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