Countdown in effect for PS2

Would C-U Blogfidential kid about such matters? Go ahead, dearest readers, and see for yourselves:

We guess it’s probably not much of a spoiler for Dark Maze Studios to reveal that their big bad from last time, Count Nefarious Vile (played with relish and extra mustard by DMS regular Peter Davis), would return from the digital ether to do battle with our heroes, Zach Nimbus (Josh Stafford), Lin-Ku (Al Morrison), and Sam (Lauren Chambers), in PRESS START 2 CONTINUE. We hope that a second villain of equal or greater strength (if not potential ineptitude) steps up to raise the stakes and not in Hollywood‘s patented “let’s try to please as many fans as possible by cramming too many characters into 100 minutes of screen time” sort of way. The obvious nod would be to the tall, dark, and probably not handsome Lord Vlad from the PRESS START ADVENTURES Flash cartoons, although he might be a tricky proposition to pull off with the minuscule budgets Ed Glaser and his merry filmmakers have to work with. That said, remember to support DSM next year when PS2 hits DVD and then maybe enough cash flow will warrant a PS3 that fully realizes our dreams. Which, for the record, are in 3-D.

C-U Blogfidential will soon give you a peek into the making of PRESS START 2 as we recount our on-set appearance from last weekend. We didn’t see much and we can’t scoop much more, but at least we did find out which JacKamo card has the greatest power. Of course, we probably won’t tell you which one in case we ever meet in a JacKamo tournament. Why let slip advance warning on how to stack the deck against us? Hey, no peeking!

~ Jason Pankoke

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