Concrete steps beget CUZine #10

With the sting of reality wearing off, she moves back into the night while dressed the part so she can hide in plain sight as a liaison nears. The scenario is initially lost on a dapper duo who happen upon the scene of silent urgency. Is it loneliness, solitude, reflection, or yet another crime developing in the wings?



Pregnant pauses give way to delicious details and arresting actions in the 10th edition of C-U Confidential, which has been appearing at familiar drop points as of Thursday, July 18. Be adventurous in seeking out your local film coverage in print or frequent our Facebook to pinpoint their whereabouts in record time!

It could be a red herring that brings our forlorn informant Drea Abbas to this particular corner in this particular place, but it provides the first crumb of a brand new trail for young reporters Keenan Dailey and Katherine Bokenkamp to pick up on. You are more than welcome to also follow along as the saga of the movies of Champaign, Urbana, and the cities beyond continues in CUZine! Punk culture aficionado and university professor David Gracon lends his radical voice to a discussion of Hallways Microcinema, an events venue of his own creation that drew together a necessary community through needful arts in his former Champaign home. Across the classroom, undergraduate James Hall teaches us through his examination of the MacGuffin journal from the 1970s that film analysis does not have to be a lost art on the University of Illinois campus or anywhere else. Well beyond the walls of academia, Ye Ed marvels at the downtown Decatur mainstay that is the Avon Theater and coaxes its resident head honcho Skip Huston to share a few views on its relevance. Mr. JaPan also takes an opportunity to wax about the tracks once blazed by the Death Riders Motorcycle Thrill Show, while both he and Troy Michael admit that the times are a-changing. Many more tidbits fill the nooks and crannies of issue 10!

We will have plenty to say about what lies ahead for CUZine in the future as we’re still gnawing over the laborious and miraculous manner in which we arrived at publishing this issue. Until then, we must give credit where it is due! Tip your fedora to the likes of Bachelor Pad Magazine, Champaign Movie Makers, Cinema Gallery, C-U Theater History, Damian Duffy After Dark, Dreamscape Studio, Happy Cloud Media, Itty Bitty Bike Shop, Krampusnacht Freeky Film Festival, Parasol Records, Premier Print Group, Re-nourish, RiellyBoy Productions, Skullface Astronaut, and Underground Film Journal for representing their wares and services in our pages as well as the more than 30 individuals who offered their valuable dollars to our GoFundMe drive. Without that combined support, we’d be sitting here twiddling our thumbs in utter dismay instead of flipping through freshly-inked digests with a sigh of relief. We must be doing something worthwhile in the long run to earn their trust even if we’re forever fumbling through the process, and also hope you appreciate the fruits of everyone’s contributions this round. Even though our attentions will now turn to another “10” in the form of the New Art Film Festival, we’re not allowing C-U Confidential to lay low this time. There are findings to proclaim, adjustments to make, and calls for your words to be announced!

~ Jason Pankoke

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