Coffee roasted, CUBlog burnt

I was humored and dismayed to discover a few weeks ago that, while attempting a little on-line lunchtime business, outside forces had been preventing access to C-U Blogfidential through certain avenues. After logging in at a coffee/bakery chain establishment, apparently within the proximity of too-sensitive persons, your humble editor attempted to access CUBlog only to be denied by said establishment’s “security solution” provider! SonicWALL tagged us as “pornographic” at some point, although the warning screen – which might as well have been designed to look like a brick wall – failed to detail what content had triggered such a labeling.

I immediately wrote them and stated my case that, while CUBlog may not necessarily be geared towards the young folk, it hardly harbored the devious material the rating implied. Last week, SonicWALL issued a reversal and now rates CUBlog as “14.Arts/Entertainment.” I don’t think that literally equates to the PG-13 (PG-14?) of the Motion Picture Association of America – we’re simply relegated to a “safe” category on their arbitrary list and can now be viewed by the coffee/bakery chain’s customers across this great nation – so parental units might still want to reconsider allowing young Johnny and Jane Filmmaker to skim through CUBlog at their leisure. Boredom will hinder their enjoyment a lot quicker than disgust or confusion.

Slightly more seriously, if any readers ever have problems reaching CUBlog or MICRO-FILM on the Internets, make sure to let us know as soon as possible so we can help rectify the problem. Thanks!

~ Jason Pankoke

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