Chicago Sun-Times quotes CUBlog

I sometimes wonder who actually reads C-U Blogfidential. And then, on occasion, I find out in the most unlikely of ways.

Case in point – did anybody see that the Chicago Sun-Times referenced CUBlog on Thursday, February 22, as part of their Chief Illiniwek coverage? Me neither, until I found out later the same day that a site called had linked to us. I followed it back to their own post about the Sun-Times “Daily Controversy” page pulling quotes from five on-line sources that discuss the Chief. It took me a full hour in the middle of the night to track down a hard copy; I bothered to hunt for it since, according to, the Sun-Times hadn’t posted the column themselves. It looks like this:

Your editor quoted in Chicago Sun-Times on Thursday, February 22, 2007, on page 6

I’m sure that CUBlog‘s inclusion was just the luck of the draw, resulting from an editor’s quick Google search to find comments ripe for publishing, and I’m happy to be there on page 6. I’m not so happy that they didn’t ask the authors for permission to reprint – you just know it would probably involve teeth-pulling and money-wrangling to arrange it the other way around – and I wish that they would have tucked a little “/cublog” at the end of the URL they ran so their readers could go right to the source.

Oh well. I’ll claim that the above facsimile is reproduced “for review purposes” and, therefore, okay to use without permission. Kapeesh? Thanks, and please tell Roger Ebert that I said, “Hello.”

~ Jason Pankoke

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