Watch ONE SECOND in 1:41

We’re sad to report that the spec commercial created by local videographer Alexander Mejia and friends for entry in the Nikon contest (see item: 12/10/09) did not make the Top 50 cut. However, Mejia has since uploaded the result on for all to see:

Mejia directed, scripted, storyboarded, photographed, and did post-production on the piece while Jennifer Mejia served as first assistant director and Jake Kaufmann (PRESS START) composed and mastered the music track. C-U Blogfidential agent Eric “The Voice” Sizemore spoke the narration and appears in bookend segments as a shutterbug whose exploration of the Champaign-Urbana countryside launches a collage of dramatic “one second” moments. These include a director (Steve Christopher) barking orders to crew members (including James Roberts) in a television studio, a midwife (Jenna Cramer) helping a mother (Melissa Watson) give birth, and an older couple (including Janice Rothbaum) sitting on a park bench reminiscing while children gaze wide-eyed upon the stars.

Write alex [at] tavproductions [dot] com if you have further questions or comments about ONE SECOND.

~ Jason Pankoke

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