#5 is alive at Dreamscape Cinema

LINK. CRAB ORCHARD. DISCONNECT. BLUEHAIR (a.k.a. ANGST). We certainly share the same question regarding these four movies, produced by Champaign-based Dreamscape Cinema – “When will they be distributed?” – yet we know that it’s all part of a long, winding, and often frustrating road for independent filmmakers, who must make the best of limited resources to get the job done. It’s also not uncommon for non-Hollywood movies to circulate for years before hitting the marketplace. Until then, who can fault the producer for wanting to move forward and produce? That’s what Dreamscape president Robin Christian Peters intends to do even though 2006 passed uneventfully, at least as far as actual work hours on a movie set.

A message circulated by the 40 North 88 West arts council on February 16 finally announced the fifth full-length Dreamscape production, a “mystery-thriller” that’s intended to shoot this summer. Area folks and movie professionals interested in working on the show can contact Peters at rpeters@dreamscapecinema.com or (217) 359-8484 to learn what positions are available, while casting for on-screen talent will take place by April. Peters confirmed for C-U Blogfidential via phone that he is also seeking residential settings for the film, an as-yet-untitled drama involving suspect adoptions and a parallel murder spree, and will probably schedule one straight week plus subsequent weekends for principal photography starting in July.

Information on the company and its catalog can be found right here.

~ Jason Pankoke

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