COBB FIELD next for Callan Films

Documentary filmmaker Craig Lindvahl of Callan Films in nearby Effingham sent us the following information about his new project, COBB FIELD, which I’m happy to run here since we had to truncate it greatly for inclusion in C-U Confidential #1. Craig writes:

COBB FIELD: A MINOR LEAGUE DAY AT THE BALLPARK will examine one 24-hour period in the life of Cobb Field, the home of the Pioneer League Billings (Montana) Mustangs. We’ll see the preparation of the field by those who take great pride in the appearance of the diamond, the staff of the team preparing for the night’s game, loyal fans who never miss a game, players who dream of making the major leagues, and the coaches who want to help those dreams come true. We’ll see the play-by-play announcer, an NBA announcer who is following his own dream of broadcasting in the major leagues. We’ll see the game itself, played against the backdrop of local fans who claim this team as their own. We’ll experience the game with those who play, those who work behind the scenes, and those who watch. After the game, we’ll stay to witness what occurs after the fans have gone home: those who clean up, those who prepare the park for the next day, those who count the day’s receipts, those who revel in the night’s success and those who struggle to figure out just how they’ll turn things around the next game.

“Cobb Field has been in use since 1948, and will be torn down after the 2007 season. It has been described as a place where baseball is still baseball, where the focus of the game is still the game itself. Through the gates of the park have passed generations of families, many of whom feel a strong bond with ‘their boys’ – the players who hope to start their baseball legacy as a member of the Mustangs.

“The project will be shot during the summer of 2007, and the film will be premiered during the summer of 2008.

“Craig Lindvahl and Joseph Fatheree are the producers for the project. They have twelve Mid-America Emmy awards between them for producing, writing, videography, and composing. They are also both award winning educators. Fatheree is the current Illinois Teacher of the Year.”

Thanks, Craig. We wish Callan Films the best of luck with COBB FIELD. Please keep us posted!

~ Jason Pankoke

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