CUZineShow II set for April

Here at the Secret MICRO-FILM Headquarters, we’re imagining that Spring is already in the air because we’re sick and tired of this chilling dribble that persists in soaking Champaign-Urbana. How else can we take our minds off of the drab? Why, with a little foreshadowing, of course, as we look two months ahead when the real Spring will be in full swing and the Boneyard Arts Festival will once again flood Champaign County with tons of creative expression. We’ll be too busy to enjoy much of the cornucopia, though…

You may recall that we infiltrated this four-day extravaganza last year with the first-ever C-U Confidential Local Movie Show, during which we presented two dozen trailers and shorts at Urbana’s Caffe Paradiso as proof positive that creative filmmaking occurs in the places where we live. Even though several friends of C-U Blogfidential ribbed your humble editor because they couldn’t attend due to simultaneous Boneyard activities, the event still attracted a good crowd of supportive acquaintances and perfect strangers.

So, shall we do it again? Resistance is probably futile in this case.

We’ll happily reveal that talks have been progressing with Sanford Hess of the Art Theater to relocate the CUZineShow to downtown Champaign this year. We can also divulge that, even though Boneyard’s “Champaign spotlight” day is Thursday, April 15, our projected schedule will launch that evening and span several days, leading right up to the start of the 12th annual Roger Ebert Film Festival! We can’t spill any more specifics for the moment, but you know what to do – keep it tuned right here for more news!

We’ll even confirm that C-U Confidential, the digest of the movies of Champaign, Urbana, and the cities beyond, is set to return with issue no.4 in time for “Ebertfest.” During the coming weeks we’ll reveal the cover design and contents as well as final data and deadlines for advertisers. (Remember that your dollars are absolutely necessary to keep this ‘zine on the scene, so please do your part!) Unfortunately, we’ll admit that the needs of a larger CUZineShow have pushed back our 10th anniversary CUZine/MICRO-FILM publication; watch for that number to finally drop at summer’s end.

Back to the main topic, would you be interested in volunteering for the CUZineShow? If so, please contact your humble editor at cuconfidential [at] gmail [dot] com or Sanford Hess at the [dot] art [dot] theater [at] gmail [dot] com. As they say, more soon!

~ Jason Pankoke

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