Local projects need your help!

Once again, you will find notices below regarding productions and events that need positions filled as soon as possible. Actors, videographers, and main title designers should continue reading…

Brian Paris invites film- and videomakers to submit main title concepts for a contest that could net the winner $3,000 and a professional credit on the upcoming independent music-video show, VIDEO VINYL. Formerly responsible for VIDEO DINER on WILL-TV, the producers of VIDEO VINYL plan to syndicate this brand-new program for a Fall 2007 national premiere. Deadline is May 31; check out this Web page to read over the rules and watch early entries!

Mark JigGsaw of local rock group JigGsaw announced that, along with the release of their new EP JigGsaw and rerelease of the Zero Generation LP on June 5, the band will be shooting a music video in Champaign “sometime in August” that requires talent with “acting and dancing experience.” Hit up Mark if you’re interested in auditioning.

Finally, Pam Crews of the Amasong chorus is looking for someone to videotape their spring concert, “Voices of Our Mothers,” this Saturday, May 19, and Sunday, May 20, at McKinley Presbyterian Church in Champaign. Contact Pam if you’d like to help out.

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~ Jason Pankoke

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