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From July 31, 2007:

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Article in Bloomington (IL) daily The Pantagraph about the reopening of the Majestic Theatre in Streator, IL, on its 100th anniversary. (Remember that the direct link to this article will expire shortly.)


Editor’s note: While the location of the Majestic totters somewhere between MICRO-FILM Country and the southernmost reaches of Chicagoland, I decided to highlight the occasion because I’m always happy to see the brick-and-mortar palaces resuscitated. New owner Kyle Mitchell will probably follow the typical plan of showcasing first-run Hollywood fodder – and you already know how I feel about them apples – but at least he’s exhibiting a little nerve by scheduling the likes of HAIRSPRAY and YOU KILL ME right off the bat.

Also, I finally have my answer as to why the News-Gazette limits its on-line, non-Ebertfest movie coverage to reports on area theaters. Can you guess where the Pantagraph editors filed the article linked above? If you said “Entertainment” then you’d be quite mistaken. I found it under “Money,” as in, “It’s about business, chump. Do you really think it’s about cinema?” Oh. Silly me.

~ Jason Pankoke

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