Faull enlists Franklin for video

From September 1, 2007:

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Article in Champaign daily The News-Gazette about the production of an anti-bullying video by Australian filmmaker Christopher Faull, geared towards the American educational market and featuring students from Franklin Middle School in Champaign. (Remember that the direct link to this article will expire after Friday, September 7.)


Editor’s note: According to the article, Faull will enlist his FMS volunteers to help conceptualize and produce what goes before camera; some will also appear in the series of interviews and dramatizations that point out the many forms of 21st century peer pressure. Apparently, Faull is associated with University of Illinois education professor Dorothy Espelage, an “expert on bullying,” although the report is vague as to whether Espelage is involved here. The filmmaker is also working with one other (unidentified) school on this project, an adaptation of his Aussie-geared series called “Stories of Us.” This is the rare instance when a “remake” might actually be useful. Go Knights!

Curiously, Faull’s sole production credit listed on the Internet Movie Database ties right back into university doings – HUMAN TOUCH (2004), an Australian theatrical film directed by none other than Overlooked Film Festival friend Paul Cox. Although this tidbit most likely has nothing to do with the fella’s current presence in Champaign-Urbana, it leads me to redefine yet again the narrow window of opportunity afforded local film/video coverage on the News-Gazette Web site. So now, if their editors can identify stories involving A. Ebertfest, B. crime, C. local theater business news, or D. academic or socially conscious issues, then the pathway is clear.

Besides, who wants to read about the art of cinema, anyway?

[Sheepishly raises hand.] 

 ~ Jason Pankoke

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