IOW: REVOLTING trailer, photo

We’re back with more Images of the Week, indeed! This time our main attraction is REVOLTING, the Danville-made black comedy directed by Mike Boedicker, produced by Mike and Leslie Boedicker, and written by Mike and Brian Wilson. Yesterday’s C-U Biz-en-scène provided current screening and purchase information, although we’ll remind you that the most immediate chance to see the film is later tonight, Friday, August 20, and tomorrow, Saturday, August 21, in the lobby of Danville’s ready-for-a-renaissance Fischer Theatre. To whet your appetite for the 8 p.m. shows, we offer you this electrifying teaser:

Your humble editor has seen prior cuts of the film and can attest to its low budget, high concept goodness. Community theater writer-in-residence Jeffrey, played by Bill Kephart, is talked into drafting a sequel to his most successful play, The Madcap Murderesses, which he loathes to no end. As things progress, the farce’s characters – stubborn murderess Penelope (Julia Megan Sullivan), trusting sister murderess Janice (Leslie Boedicker), and loquacious inspector-turned-lover Frederick (Eric Sizemore) – seemingly materialize in the real world, bent on jeopardizing the completion of the new play as well as the survival of Jeffrey’s sanity. Below you can see the effects of this illogical conundrum in a Johnny Robinson publicity photo:

On occasion, I’ve been known to do a double-take in the Secret MICRO-FILM Headquarters late at night while digging deep into my own written words. I always find that no one is sitting next to me despite the echoing remnants of voices in the air. I imagine my facial reactions are not too far off from how poor Jeffrey looks above, although you’ll see that he has it far worse than me. I think.

~ Jason Pankoke

[Updated 8/21/10, 5:15 p.m. CST]

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