Happy Halloween from CUBlog!

Good ev-e-ning, ghouls and goblins! We hope that you have a creepy and fabulous Halloween this year, but please play it safe enough so y’all can get back home in one piece (or pieces, depending on which costume parts and bloody props disintegrate or vanish in the process) like our pretty young friend Dyanna below…

Dyanna Gregory relaxes with the first issue of C-U Confidential. (Photo by JaPan)

…although, while snapping these pics it happened to hit the stroke of midnight and she turned into an even more bewitching fiend

Vampira Gregory suddenly has a little blood in her eye. Yikes! (Photo by JaPan)

…and kept right on reading without a pause! What a trooper! No word on whether CUZine will have this same effect on others or if this is an isolated incident. You have been warned … what-ev-er you are!

~ Jason Pankoke

p.s. Photos actually taken on the set of THE TRANSIENT (see item: 8/2/07) over the summer. If I didn’t break the spell and plug the movie, the Transient and Steve would’ve kicked my ass. True story.

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