CRAB ORCHARD local premiere

From February 17, 2006:

Good News!

1. I finally have a date set for the midwest premiere of CRAB ORCHARD. We’re showing it Wednesday, March 15, 7 p.m., at the historic Virginia Theatre, 203 W. Park, Champaign, IL. Admission is $5, with a portion going to Virginia Theatre renovation fund.

2. It was just picked up for international distribution, so eventually it should be released onto television and DVD, and possibly theaters. Can’t tell you until we know. This is the first and only public showing scheduled at this time. As hundreds of local people helped out in some fashion or another, we thought it would great to show it here before the East or West coasts.

3. Starring Ed Asner, Judge Reinhold, Ruby Handler, and introducing Dylan Patton, CRAB ORCHARD is the story of a NYC firefighter family that moves back to the midwest to deal with the aftermath of losing loved ones during 9-11. Please help us by telling your friends to click on the CRAB ORCHARD page on; this will help our publicity rating.

4. Awards:

A. At the International Family Film Fest (IFFF), CRAB ORCHARD recently was a Finalist (Top 3 out of 82) for Best Feature Film, chosen by audiences;

B. CRAB ORCHARD won the “Director’s Gold” Award (IFFF’s Board of Directors chose it as their favorite movie); and

C. CRAB ORCHARD‘s music score made the Top 20 list of Cinescape‘s “Best Film Scores of 2005” – includes Hollywood movies!

THANKS for your help and patience, and please join us that night if you can.

Robin Christian Peters
Dreamscape Cinema

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