Memorial Stadium doc airs Sept. 9

From September 7, 2008:

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Article in Champaign daily The News-Gazette about a new documentary called MEMORIAL STADIUM: TRUE ILLINI SPIRIT that will premiere on local PBS station WILL-TV Channel 12 this Tuesday, September 9, at 7 p.m., covering the University of Illinois landmark’s history from its construction to recent renovation. (Remember that the direct link to this article will expire after Saturday, September 13.)


Editor’s note: Just thought I’d be courteous and point this one out for all the preppies and die hard Fighting Illini sports fans out there. Oh, wait. You folks don’t read C-U Blogfidential, do you? Then, I guess I’m really pointing this out for all our regular readers even though I can imagine very few of you awaiting it with baited breath. If pigskin history is your bag, however, then get in the huddle and give it the ol’ college try; I’m certain that WILL producers John Paul and Denise La Grassa did a splendid job coaching the material.

Those who felt the News-Gazette article a bit too skimpy on the pregame buzz can gallop over to this page for a more detailed playbook. Did I mention that sports cliches are quite, um, cliche?

~ Jason Pankoke

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