IOW: WINTER wonder lands

Curiously, the crazy winter weather last week thwarted a private unveiling of Alaric Rocha’s new short film, WINTER (formerly WINTER IN LOUISIANA), at the Oreana home of his parents near where it was filmed just over a year ago. Even though the storm pretty much failed to stop central Illinois in its tracks like originally feared, Rocha opted to postpone celebration and unveil the goods on-line! Here’s your first look at this vignette, wherein a chain gang prisoner played by Michael Anthony Pierce finds inspiration to sever his bonds and run for the hills:

We’re going to sort-of spoil one little aspect the short doesn’t quite make clear, in our opinion – the escapee with his head in the clouds apparently is whisked away from the clutches of the seen-it-all patrol officers and their strangely adorable guard dog (essayed by Magnus, for those keeping score) by a big man in the clouds. Otherwise, we dig the timeless “realistic” look affected by the Super 8 stock and the ambient soundtrack which suffices in setting the tone without any deliberate dialogue. You can read our previous WINTER article here and learn about other Blue Bassoon Pictures projects here.

~ Jason Pankoke

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