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We’ll refrain from hazarding guesses as to what transpires in PROBABILITY OF POSSIBILITIES, the filmic thesis we told you about yesterday in C-U Biz-en-scène, until we can report back to C-U Blogfidential once we’ve experienced it. Our word choice “experienced” is accurate; non-narrative to full-on experimental cinema is built to strike the viewer with more primal sensations rather than walk us through a deliberate, pre-charted course. Presumably, people late to the “dance for camera” party will be able to catch POSSIBILITIES on-line in the future, but you can still plan to join filmmakers Catrina Choate-Heretoiu and Bogdan Heretoiu for the unveiling tomorrow, Sunday, February 27, at 3 p.m. in Room 62 of Krannert Art Museum at the University of Illinois. Until then, we offer related “Images of the Week” for you beginning with this teaser:

Apart from conceiving and directing POSSIBILITIES together, Choate-Heretoiu choreographed the dance talent and Heretoiu provided editing and other post-production needs. UI students Monica Remes, Ysay McKeever, Katie Snyder, Shanna DeSouza, and Matt Findlay assisted on the set last fall, while leads Kamilla Kinard and Luis Vazquez performed with a cast including Alexandria Wiss, Allison Grissom, Allyson Lai, Breanna Sacco, Elyssa McNeil, Gina Wojnar, Hillary Waldstein, Katy Kantner, Kelsey Middleton, Lindsey Lykowski, Susan Powers, Tiffany Norris, Remes, McKeever, and Findlay, backed by several area tango dancers including Claire Barker, Chantelle Latteau, Tajal Patel, Mert Bay, Alejandro M. Aragón, and Ryan Salvador. The music soundtrack is comprised of tracks from three different artists: Barry Morse, Christos Tsitsaros, and former C-U drummer extraordinaire Jane Boxall. PROBABILITY OF POSSIBILITIES runs approximately 25 minutes according to Heretoiu, who provided CUBlog with an extra preview via the following photography shot by Nick Burchell.

~ Jason Pankoke

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  1. Bogdan :

    Thank you Jason for this extended review of our event and production; it is much appreciated.

    As I told you, this was my first “dance for camera” production, a film genre that continues to gain traction in many areas, ranging from arts to technology. I took the opportunity offered by my wife’s MFA Thesis and I must say that – to no surprise – there was more to learn from than one would expect.

    The production itself had a different scope when we started, and the modifications to the script where done “on-the-fly.” The lack of budget in conjunction with a lack of crew took its toll at both creative and production levels – toll that I have attempted to compensate during post-production.

    By no means this was a “standard” film (short or not) production. Nevertheless, it proved to be an excellent testing ground for future similar projects.

    If any of your readers have questions regarding the process behind this production, I am open to conversation on C-U BLOGFIDENTIAL!

    Also, as soon as I am done with the current project (editing a feature-length documentary), I will begin working on my next personal project.

    Those interested to collaborate are more than welcomed to get in touch with me. I will be looking for ACTORS and CREW. For details I can be contacted via