Playboy tests INTERNS at UIUC

From November 20, 2008:

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Article in Champaign daily The News-Gazette about Playboy content producer Greg Johnson previewing the upcoming “mobisode” series INTERNS for University of Illinois undergraduate students at Lincoln Hall. (Remember that the direct link to this article will expire after Wednesday, November 26.)


Editor’s note: Not much to say about this one, except:

1. The event is just another example of the gajillions of on-campus film/media shows that go underpromoted to the Champaign-Urbana community, thereby giving the Champaign-Urbana community little chance to turn out and experience that which is being featured. The University of Illinois and its departments need to remedy this.

2. I find it odd that the group of professionals present to discuss INTERNS, which chronicles the experiences of gofers working in the New York City offices of Playboy magazine, included one Lisa Nakamura, described in the article as a UIUC “professor of communication, Asian-American Studies, and gender and women’s studies.” You mean to tell me that she had nothing topical to say about (or against) the series, given its direct relationship with Playboy? Yes, odd. We’ll chalk this one up to playing nice with famous alumnus Hugh Hefner.

3. I guess Jay Rosenstein made the correct call in his most recent letter to C-U Blogfidential. The article states that UIUC was one of three colleges awarded a sneek peek at INTERNS. The others were the University of Southern Californiaa pick that is contextualized in this prior post – and New York University. Curiously, they house two of the top film schools in the United States. UIUC is the lame duck here because it has no film school, and a remedy can only begin with the College of Media pulling its collective head out of the sand and yanking open some purse strings. What, you thought I wouldn’t pick out that unrelated correlation?

4. I am happy to report that this is only the second time in two months and 20+ posts that we’ve relied on a News-Gazette article as a springboard for discussion. You may applaud when ready.

There was much to say about this one, wasn’t there?

~ Jason Pankoke

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