CUBlog EtF! nails it in eight

She must grasp the inherent vibes of this rugged terrain to sense the beauty and art residing within its hardy prairie strands:

The roots of our own existence run deep in this eight-page special edition of C-U Confidential, cleverly rebranded after the forum before your very eyes! Make sure to attend the Art Theater in downtown Champaign on Friday, April 8, for the next New Art Film Festival at which attendees will receive FREE copies of C-U Blogfidential Exceeds the Fifth!, a full-color celebration of five years’ craziness in Champaign-Urbana movie reporting! Limited copies will filter into the C-U downtowns but once they’re gone, the remaining press run will appear as the center section of CUZine issue 5 which streets during Roger Ebert’s Film Festival!

Contemplate your inner outdoor peace alongside MICRO-femme Annelise Morris before diving into brand-new Lists of 5 done the CUBlog way, an exclusive preview of Dark Maze Studios’ PRESS START 2 CONTINUE, and rare photos pulled from our past and put into print for the very first time!

April is still quite young, dearest readers, so be sure to check back often for many more updates – including the content and cover reveal of the full-blown CUZine – throughout the month!

~ Jason Pankoke

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