CRAB ORCHARD draws 1,300

From March 15, 2006:

The Virginia Theatre in Champaign, Illinois

Almost three years after being filmed in various locales in Champaign County, CRAB ORCHARD finally made its public debut on Wednesday, March 15, to a near sell-out crowd at Champaign’s Virginia Theatre.

Balcony of the Virginia Theatre

Originally opening in 1921, the Virignia Theatre┬áhas survived the transition from vaudeville house to a modern program of movies, musicals, concerts, and special events. For film buffs, the 1,525-seat Virginia offers a regular schedule of second-run, contemporary Hollywood efforts as well as classics, while hosting the popular Roger Ebert’s Overlooked Film Festival every April.

Robin Peters, writer/producer of CRAB ORCHARD

(Above left) CRAB ORCHARD writer/producer Robin Christian Peters entertains the crowd before the show. (Above right) Peters poses for photos underneath the Virginia Theatre marquee. Standing behind him is MICRO-FILM pal Bill Kephart, who miraculously timed his appearance just right. Was it mere coincidence or a coordinated plot? Hmm…

Robin Peters introduces CRAB ORCHARD

After an introduction by Ronda Proctor, Peters thanked those in the audience (and there were many) for helping make CRAB ORCHARD, a production of his Champaign-based company, Dreamscape Cinema. Preceding the feature presentation was a series of trailers for other Dreamscape Cinema productions, including LINK, DISCONNECT, ANGST, and TOXIN, which have yet to see release.

Ruby Handler and Edward Asner star in CRAB ORCHARD

CRAB ORCHARD is directed by Michael J. Jacobs and stars Ruby Handler (above left) as career woman Kim Thomas, who leaves New York City with her son Clay (Dylan Patton) to move back home with her father (Edward Asner, above right) in small-town Crab Orchard, Illinois. Left behind is her husband Jim (Judge Reinhold), a NYC firefighter who has had trouble relating to his family after battling a building collapse during 9/11 that claimed the life of Kim’s brother, Dwayne (Robin Peters). The family drama, which also stars Betsy Zajko, Sierra Peters, Kumars Salehi, and Kyle Tolliver, has recently been picked up for distribution by Candlelight Media Group in the United States and Artist View Entertainment in international territories.

– Jason Pankoke


Virginia Theatre photos by JaPan

CRAB ORCHARD photo courtesy of Dreamscape Cinema

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