IOW: “1972” zaps 2011 circuit

It took a while, but Kill Vampire Lincoln Productions of Champaign finally cut loose a full trailer for their sci-fi short ONCE UPON A TIME IN 1972 which we share with you here because, of course, there is no better time than the present for 1972:

Word is the just-wrapped follow-up, ONCE UPON A TIME IN 1973, expounds on what exactly warranted the earlier scuffle between adventurer Jack (Jonathan Harden) and “Bruce” the robot while promoting actor Matt Fear to a role more substantially heavy than his line cook cameo in 1972. Until the sequel is unveiled, you can catch the original at several late-summer play dates including: August 6, 6:30 p.m. @ GenCon, Indianapolis, IN; August 11-14 @ Artist’s Alley, WizardWorld, Chicago, IL; September 2-5, date/time TBD @ Dragon*Con, Atlanta, GA; September 9 @ BrainwAsh Movie Festival, Oakland, CA.

Kill Vampire Lincoln stewards Chris and Anne Lukeman have also built a portfolio for their Railsplitter Media agency, formed this past spring to handle video production needs in Champaign-Urbana and elsewhere. Although we rarely embed strictly commercial material on C-U Blogfidential, one can easily watch this “sizzle reel” and not be bored for a single second:

Railsplitter Media HD Sizzle Reel from Chris Lukeman on Vimeo.

The Lukemans have even caught PopTent fever along with numerous central Illinois neighbors, already winning two contests at the crowdsource branding site and netting more than $10,000 for their efforts! One involved a CVS drugstore campaign featuring Becky Griesheimer (BEDTIME FOR TIMMY) and a voiceover by Eric Sizemore (PRESS START 2 CONTINUE) while we present the other spot below, a Dell message starring Bill Kephart (REVOLTING), Mike Trippiedi (AMBER ROSE), and an awfully familiar mechanical fellow…

… whom we learn brandishes a wicked laser eye beam in promotional frolics like the above despite its absence in his original starring role, just as with the Japanese monster Gigan. We sad now.

~ Jason Pankoke

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