IOW: Ninjas dominate Dark Maze

Dipping into the video well that keeps us drunk with satisfaction, C-U Blogfidential is happy to share more goodness from Champaign’s Dark Maze Studios. At some point, Dark Maze became an unofficial dojo for rogue ninja assassins beginning with the lethal (and quite tactless) “Lin-ku” from the PRESS START movies and Web series, followed by the original animated show SPACE NINJA designed by comics artist Alex Mitchell and based on his own book. Ed Glaser has now teamed up with Brad Jones of The Cinema Snob and Stoned Gremlin Productions for his first live-action Web opus since ROBOGIRL that, one guesses from the oddball teaser below, must be seen to be believed:

Given Glaser’s loving attention to foreign genre fare as evidenced in Dark Maze’s award-winning series, DEJA VIEW, we must ponder the possibility of NINJA THE MISSION FORCE being a low-budget tour de force in splicing together the old with the retro-new. We’ll sort out the source(s) of our eventual enjoyment from said series when it raids the Interwebs. Until then, we should point your ninja-starved peepers towards the most recent installment of SPACE NINJA which we have sadly neglected on CUBlog until right now:

Finally, we stray from badass defenders to a more rural breed of murderer in the current episode of DEJA VIEW, during which Glaser compares the original STRAW DOGS directed by Sam Peckinpah to an unofficial Turkish adaptation from the era, KARTAL YUVASI (1974):

Wild, wacky, and high-quality stuff, all from deep within the Dark Maze!

~ Jason Pankoke

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