CUBlog word count on the rise

You know what, dearest readers? C-U Blogfidential expects nothing less than the very best to emerge from the creative denizens of Champaign, Urbana, and the cities beyond in 2012! No more bemoaning the doldrums of 2011 and mock-fearing both the presidential election and “Mayan Armageddon” coming soon, for we have work to do! That includes the “we” who slave away within the Secret MICRO-FILM Headquarters to provide you with the most informative and illuminating editorial possible.

While we’ll reserve our philosophical perspectives and valid diatribes for the annual “In My Backyard” address in February, we’d love to give you the skinny about what specifically lies ahead for CUBlog, particularly during the next six months. So, here goes!

Our man in Indianapolis, drive-in manager and independent filmmaker Tyler Tharpe, will begin the second year of his quarterly column “The Double Life of a Cinéaste” on Tuesday, January 31, by contemplating the switch to shooting digitally. Champaign movie producer Robin Christian will also contribute his annual, wintertime report from the floors of industry events he attends; we’ll post the next one in February.

More immediately, we’ll commence a journey through the mind of Champaign filmmaker Mike Trippiedi starting tomorrow, Wednesday, January 18, with a never-before-published interview about his original B-movie play, Caged Vixens! This will be followed in March by a second vintage talk concentrating on Trippiedi’s first feature DOGS IN QUICKSAND, and again in the spring with a brand-new feature chronicling his current projects including AMBER ROSE, Way Off Broadway, and the soon-to-be-filmed C-U comedy SCARY NORMAL in which he’ll play a lead role. We hope this will kick off a second wave of long-form interviews in the CUBlog tradition!

Also in March, news briefs which first appeared on the original MICRO-FILM Web site in 2002 and 2003 will begin to reemerge so readers can relive what our friends and neighbors were up to cinematically a full decade ago! Later that same month, your humble editor will finally make due on his promise to reveal why April in the C-U is not exclusively “All About Ebertfest” for lovers of the movies and performing arts. Last but hardly least, we’ll keep up the flow of news announcements, Calendar listings, “Images of the Week,” and “C-U Biz-en-scène” columns for all the relevant details you need to know!

We’re not finished with the rundown, believe it or not, for we can’t forget the upcoming sixth print issue of C-U Confidential, the delayed print special C-U Confidential ’99, or even – knock on really hard wood – the oft-dreamed eighth issue of mighty MICRO-FILM! However, it may be time to put a lid on it for we wouldn’t want to spoil too many surprises right away. 2012 has only just begun.

Come back soon for some good readin’, gang!

~ Jason Pankoke

p.s. Do you love exploring the movies and dig the CUBlog concept? If so, we want you to write for us! Please send article or column pitches and/or writing samples to your humble editor at cuconfidential [at] gmail [dot] com with a polite and proactive introductory message. We’ll hopefully talk soon!

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