IOW: Send in the Caged Vixens!

We’re not really sure how to set up the following, recorded at the Station Theatre in Urbana during a performance in November 1996, other than to exercise a little bit of that good old-fashioned hyperbole as used by the promotional hucksters whose exploitation films inspired what you are about to witness…

WATCH as locked-in ladies dance to an imprisoned beat!

SEE a concrete hell snuff out the faintest rays of hope!

FEEL the frigid stare of femmes too icy and ferocious!

HEAR a siren song describing the fate of these “Caged Vixens!”

Now, CLICK HERE and read our Mike Trippiedi interview posted earlier this week, dearest voyeurs, explaining the origins of the above video featuring inmates Heather M. Barrows, Maggie McAvoy, Sue Trippiedi, Angela Tyler, Traci Nally, Mina F. Willis, Mindy Manolakes, and Janice Rothbaum with their disembodied conscience, Kay Holley!

~ Jason Pankoke

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