Vampire Abe, SP endorse CUZine

Now he’s talking! The on-line magazine Smile Politely approached your humble editor about discussing the Champaign-Urbana film world in a follow-up to their generous 2009 profile. The result, an interview conducted by SP film editor Jeremiah Stanley, went live this past Thursday, June 28, for all to read, heed, and share. While the end result is rather lengthy – we’ll be the first to vote our fearlessly verbose leader could have been edited a bit – we hope you will dive right in and eat up the food for thought!

The lynchpin this time is not C-U Blogfidential but our little print ‘zine that could, C-U Confidential. We discuss how it has developed since the first issue infiltrated the C-U five years ago and pontificate over various aspects of the wondrous little subculture it characterizes. Other topics include your editor’s influences as a younger man, his apparent obsession with the movies, the disparity of film culture coverage in Champaign-Urbana media as a whole, the drive to incorporate local music into local movies, and a cool-headed assessment of 40 North 88 West’s prominence in our arts scene.

Since he is invoked by Stanley’s interview question regarding THE TRANSIENT, we feel there is no better time than the present to introduce someone who had never appeared in our outlets at all until CUZine #6 arrived two weeks ago. We thank former President Abraham Lincoln for allowing us to reconcile this grave oversight and breathe easy knowing the only signs of disapproval expressed by Mr. Lincoln involved a bit of teeth gnashing. Oh, wait

~ Jason Pankoke

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