TTC foresees Lovecraftian fright

Due to an interior makeover in progress at SoDo Theatre, we at C-U Confidential and Psychic Joker Entertainment decided to cancel the next Time Traveling Cinema which would’ve taken place tonight, Friday, August 31. We do have a new plan coming together, however, so read closely because it’ll be quite cosmic!

While a bit too early to spill what plays the September TTC, we will gladly divulge what might haunt our Halloween “Special Edition” on Friday, October 26, but we need your help to make it happen. Lisa Cerezo of PJE has arranged with Gathr Films to present the H.P. Lovecraft retro-styled double bill, THE CALL OF CTHULHU (2005) and THE WHISPERER IN DARKNESS (2011), on that fateful evening. We must guarantee Gathr and the films’ producers, the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, an audience for their award-winning throwbacks to early Hollywood cinema and vintage supernatural drama! So, if you are interested in watching this diabolical duo – along with a super-secret Steampunk surprise to be named later – go right here and reserve your tickets now.

We need at least 25 fine film-watching folks to sign up by the end of Tuesday, October 22, for this Lovecraftian lark to occur, so we hope some of our dearest readers will consider joining us for an evening of atypical creepiness this autumn!

Otherwise, we simply challenge you to visit SoDo in downtown Champaign and support the Time Traveling Cinema, a community micro-cinema concept set in a clean, safe, and fully-equipped environment. We say, “It’s about time!”

~ Jason Pankoke

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