It’s a hard SNOB life on DVD

Walkaway Entertainment and Stoned Gremlin Productions of Springfield struck again on Tuesday, September 25, with the DVD release of their latest low-budget concoction, THE CINEMA SNOB MOVIE, a dark comedy-come-crime thriller which follows their summer 2011 feature PARANOIA and Web series THE HOOKER WITH A HEART OF GOLD from two winters ago. In the new story, screenwriter Brad Jones plays down-on-his-luck screenwriter Craig Golightly, whose attempts at jump-starting production on his Seventies throwback “Black Angus” with partner Neil (Jake Norvell) can be politely described as futile. In order to get their hands on an ever-elusive filming permit, Craig makes himself over in the mold of the snobbish cineaste types populating the local film board. Unfortunately, the duo gets more than they bargained for once the newly minted cinema snob “Vincent Dawn” is accepted within the secretive group!

Co-starring Jillian Zurawski, Noah Antwiler, Sarah Lewis, Brian Irving, Orlando Belisle, Zachary LaVoy, PRESS START’s Ed Glaser, and director Ryan Mitchelle as smirky film board president Dan Phillips, THE CINEMA SNOB MOVIE provides a sort of parallel universe back story for Jones’ popular online persona, the Cinema Snob, who has been grilling B-to-Z grade movies in “reel” life for the past few years. CINEMA SNOB is paired on the DVD with filmmaker and cast commentaries, a blooper reel, a trailer, and an alternate “comedy commentary” by Doug and Rob Walker of the pop culture site That Guy with the Glasses; the cool and somewhat creepy Dorian Gray-ish key artwork below is by artist David Gobble.

The question remains, then: Are you ready to see how “A Legend is Born,” dearest readers?

~ Jason Pankoke

[Updated 2/16/18, 11:15 p.m. CST]

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