C-U Blogfidential rates 4 limes!

Well, here’s somethingĀ groovy …Ā I discovered CUBlogs.com, a new offshoot of CULocalBiz.com, and submitted C-U Blogfidential for inclusion in their directory of local Weblogs. Due to whatever whims, CUBlogs’ Jason Frye decided to review this here site and designate it their first-ever “Limelight” pick of the month! It starts out like this …

C-U Blogfidential review excerpt :: CUBlogs.com

… and you can soak in the rest by clicking here. Thanks to Mr. Frye for considering us feature-worthy, and spread the word that CUBlogs.com is looking for CU-based Weblogs to add to its list and people to write about them!

– Jason Pankoke

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