Flu? Feh! C-U fights INFECTION

Happy Saturday to the citizens of Champaign, Urbana, and the cities beyond! Given the crazy-busy week of film culture about to commence here in MICRO-FILM Country, we’ll do our best to provide you with sneak peeks of the very same craziness when we can! (You might want to read through our first Calendar entry of 2013 in case C-U Blogfidential fails to touch upon everything; we need to spend some time out there enjoying the fruits of everyone’s labors, too!) That all said, check out the trailer below for a new zombie opus called INFECTION which will premiere tomorrow night, Sunday, February 17, 9:30 p.m., at the Art Theater Co-op, 126 W. Church St., Champaign, IL:

INFECTION is directed and produced by Danny Hill of HD Productions in Champaign. Hill wrote the screenplay with actor Lamar Lee, who stars alongside William Rose III and Ferrin McGinness as isolated souls navigating a horde of blood-spattered undead. Public details are otherwise sparse for this micro-budget number, but we’re certain all will be revealed at the unveiling! It seems the best sources to track the spread of INFECTION and future HD efforts are these Facebook and Twitter accounts.

~ Jason Pankoke

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