Senate Bill 2030 article

From June 20, 2006:

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Article in Champaign newspaper The Daily Illini about a new bill signed by Gov. Rod Blagojevich that will award film companies spending production dollars in Illinois a 20 percent tax credit.

2 Responses to Senate Bill 2030 article

  1. Kevin :

    Excellent! I was almost considering moving to Wisconsin to take advantage of their tax break.

    Key word being almost.

  2. Administrator :

    Kevin – The tax incentive is A. not law yet, and B. for projects with sizeable budgets and is partially based on approxmiate running time. (See the proposal outline on the Illinois Film Office’s Web site.) So, although I should chide you furiously for even thinking about becoming a Cheesehead for kino’s sake – even though that annual Madison film festival always looks pretty spif – I wouldn’t sing Rod’s praises until the bill is approved and honest-to-god film work makes its way to the Land of Lincoln on a regular basis. – JP