Schedule is a go for 2014 NAFF

Good weekend, adventurous fans of the films made in Champaign, Urbana, and the cities beyond! Little more than a week from now, C-U Confidential and friends will be enjoying the fifth annual New Art Film Festival at the Art Theater Co-op in downtown Champaign, Illinois. Plan to make merry with our movie mavens on Sunday, April 13, from 5 p.m. to approximately Midnight, during which the NAFF will present almost 30 short films and the feature-length political dramedy, THE DRUNK. Please vote “yes” to experiencing and supporting our vital C-U cinema culture on the big screen!

Below you will find our press announcement issued earlier this week. A link at the end will take you to the complete 2014 schedule on the official NAFF Web site. Right before show time, we’ll update you again!

~ Jason Pankoke



(Champaign, Illinois) April 2, 2014: The day of the week has changed, but our mission to present the best in locally made cinema remains the same! The Champaign-Urbana community is invited to converge at the Art Theater Co-op, 126 W. Church St., Champaign, IL, for the fifth annual New Art Film Festival (NAFF), taking place alongside the Boneyard Arts Festival organized by the 40 North 88 West arts council of Champaign County! Festival director Jason Pankoke will guide audiences through four programs, comprised of more than 20 films, in this annual celebration of independent cinema. The NAFF, presented by C-U Confidential and co-sponsored by ThirdSide, Shatterglass Studios, and Champaign Movie Makers, is set to begin at 5 p.m. on Sunday, April 13, and wrap just before Midnight. As always, admission will be free!

Highlights of the 2014 NAFF schedule include:

THE DRUNKOur feature presentation this year is a drama with comedic overtones produced by Tanoos Fleschner Pictures of Los Angeles and filmed on location in Terre Haute, Indiana, with an assist from Champaign’s own Shatterglass Studios. This fictional tale concerns the battle of wills between Joe Debs (William Tanoos), the grandson of real-life Indiana radical labor leader Eugene V. Debs, and Bruce Frye (Tom Sizemore), a prosecutor who considers the younger Debs a drunkard and persistent menace to society.

SRIRACHA – Film-loving foodies will salivate over this unique half-hour piece by Bloomington, Illinois, producer and prolific Vidblog host Griffin Hammond! It examines the history and appeal of the curious hot sauce made famous in the United States by David Tran and Huy Fong Foods of California, eschewing traditional publicity for good old fashioned word-of-mouth.

THE ART OF PULLING – This beautiful, dreamlike music video set to the song by Elsinore was produced by Chris & Oliver Cinema, a.k.a. Christopher Sotelo and Oliver Peng, of Champaign. The NAFF will play five music videos total in its fifth edition, our highest number yet!

THE HOBO & THE STORY OF FLOYD CRIMSONAndy Due and Dustin Tylman of Charleston return to the NAFF with two dryly humorous shorts. In HOBO, Due channels the whimsy of silent film performers. In FLOYD CRIMSON, Due gives peace a chance but is done in by a numbers game.

DEADLY EMBRACE – Former C-U resident Alaric Rocha directed this lush film noir in his current home, Chicago. A nebbish named Robert (Don Markus) encounters a fiery-tempered tango dancer named Elena (Elisa Dei) in an alley behind a high society club.

Please follow this link to the NAFF Web site for the complete schedule. Journalists and editors may contact NAFF program director Jason Pankoke with interview or media requests, and Art Co-op general manager Austin McCann with queries about the Art and its upcoming slate!


Jason Pankoke
Program Director, New Art Film Festival
NewArtFilmFestivalCU [at] gmail [dot] com

Austin McCann
General Manager, The Art Theater Co-op [at] gmail [dot] com


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