Seen any May days lately, C-U?

“Wha’ happened?” – Mike LaFontaine (Fred Willard), oblivious that he is the punchline instead of his joke, in A MIGHTY WIND


May has pretty much blown right by the Secret MICRO-FILM Headquarters, that’s wha’ happened! We apologize for experiencing non-technical difficulties that resulted in the temporary absence of fresh C-U Blogfidential postings. Unlike last summer, this summer promises a deluge of filmy activity at the top of the season and CUBlog plans to dive in headfirst just for you, dearest reader!

Watch right here as your humble editor fishes out the key evidence after investigating the sets of at least four … yes, four … overlapping productions: LEADING LADIES, the dance-drama that officially begins its month-long Champaign-Urbana shoot tomorrow, Tuesday, May 26; STILETTOS, a Webisode Mafia thriller that launched in April and will shoot weekends through the end of June; RAGSTONE AVENUE, a coming-of-age low-budget feature that will begin shooting in Bloomington-Normal in a few weeks; and the ever-wily WEREWOLF CEMETERY Issue 4, which would have resumed local shenanigans earlier today were it not for saturated grounds, flooded locations, and teeming mosquitoes out for blood – human or lupine.

Believe it or not, a fifth project also began production two weeks ago and CUBlog understood that it was to be kept on the downlow – but we found this yesterday. It doesn’t exactly spoil the surprise even though additional material in the print edition of The News-Gazette comes close to doing just that. Perspiring filmmakers should still take the time to read Ed Glaser’s advice; much of it is well-worn but worth repeating today in this Digital Age.

So, keep your peepers trained on C-U Blogfidential for near-daily additions as we spill a lot of catch-up, including posts on the aforementioned local films, updates on additional local films that wrapped some time ago, approaching submission deadlines, an Ebertfest 2009 overview, the elusive HOOPESTON interview feature, a recap of our springtime adventures including the first-ever C-U Confidential Local Movie Show, and a note about this weekend’s untimely passing of a musical wünderkind in our midst.

~ Jason Pankoke

p.s. To all those awaiting pictures and/or magazines, please extend us a little patience (and a lovely secretary) as we claw through the work at hand. Danke!

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