Virginia hosts Pens to Lens gala

The Champaign-Urbana Film Society, Champaign Movie Makers, Champaign-Urbana Design Organization, and Champaign Park District present the second annual Pens to Lens Awards Gala this Saturday, August 9, featuring youth-skewing film shorts made by area filmmakers from a pool of more than 100 scripts written by area students. The schedule is as follows:

1 p.m. Red Carpet Event

2 p.m. K-7th Grade Films | hosted by Joe Barlow

THE ADVENTURES OF MR. PANCAKE | written by Ayan Ehsan, Zander Hackman, Olivia Havard, and Nolan Lawson | directed by Andrew Nygard
A VISIT FROM THE TOOTH FAIRY | written by Adrian Blume | directed by Robin Berthier
WHO BABYSITS ZOMBIES? | written by Dalton Carmien, Eric Miebach, Kalani Rentschler, and Audrey Young | directed by Chris Lukeman
THE TAMING OF THE BEAST | written by Braylen Chaney, Griffin Goddard, Nina Martinez, and Jasmine Yancy | directed by Michael Bach
THE SORCERESS | written by Madeline De Coste | directed by Emily Jahn
DOUBLE-O KEVIN | written by David Cerezo | directed by Joe Taylor and William L. Kephart
GUYS GO GREEN | written by Benjamin and Claire Keating | directed by Mike Trippiedi
FAST AND FURIOUS 8 | written by Urias Smith | directed by Andrew Stengele
WATCH OUT FOR BUTTERFLIES | written by Megan Graham, Alejandro Hernandez, and Jocelyn LeFaivre | directed by Thomas Nicol and Joe Taylor
GOO PARTY | written by Adrian Blume, Pieter Duursma, Lucas Feng, David Risinger, and Daniel Tersiey | directed by AJ Christensen
THE DUMMY VS. THE MAD ROBOTS | written by Mary Bryant, Trevor Hahn, Nate Hopkins, and Jackson Reder | directed by Carter Boyce
RACE YOU TO RUSSIA | written by John Patrick Nicol | directed by Luke Boyce

5 p.m. CUDO Gallery Show + Red Carpet Event

6 p.m. 8th-12th Grade Films | hosted by Charlie Hester

MR. SNUGGLES | written by Curtis Bradley, Andrew Kowalski, and Garret Williams | directed by Andrew Gleason, Thomas Nicol, and Anna Zorn
THE DOUGHNUT DANCE | written by Jessie Denning | directed by Jason Knade
THE TIME WILL COME | written by Kiarra Hall-Brooks | directed by William L. Kephart
THE BRAINSTORM | written by David Hopping | directed by Dan Drake
MY IMAGINATION BECAME A NINJA AND IT IS FOLLOWING ME | written by Gabby Mancuso and Kathleen Sherlock | directed by Andrew Gleason
CHANCES* | written by Nick Boeji, Cody Jesswien, and Mason McAnally | directed by Victor Miely
THE BEDTIME STORY | written by Jasmine Domingo | directed by Jennifer Bechtel
ZACK AND THE MOUNTAIN MAN* | written by Preston Richardson | directed by Thomas Nicol
THE RUNNER* | written by Nathan Martin | directed by Anne Lukeman
IMAGINE | written by Ellie D’Andria, Lana Fitzgerald, and Alora Rent | Directed by Tim Meyers

The Pens to Lens Awards Gala will take place at the Virginia Theatre, 203 W. Park Ave., Champaign, IL. Sponsors include Flex-n-Gate, Benefit Planning Consultants, Alex Ruggieri, Shatterglass Studios, and Matt Wiley Art with support from ThirdSide and Paula Design. Further information about this year’s event or last year’s films and posters can be found on the official Web site. Tickets cost $8 for each block or $12 for both, while students 19 years old or under will be admitted for free. *Contains material that may not be suitable for younger children.

Look for more about P2L2 on C-U Blogfidential tomorrow!

~ Jason Pankoke

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