Extras needed pronto for LADIES

Think you’ve got “the look” to effortlessly melt into a sea of retro swinging hipsters in an underground dance club? Then, wethinks you must get involved with the independent film production LEADING LADIES, which is shooting in Champaign-Urbana from now until the end of June! Most important need right now is for extras to fill said underground club setting during the next three days starting today, Tuesday, June 2, at the former Rialto movie theater in downtown Champaign. Please read this cheat sheet carefully and then contact extras casting director Jenna Weglarz-Ward at (630) 532.7672 or jenna [at] leadingladiesmovie [dot] com immediately to make an appointment.

LEADING LADIES, a music and dance-filled drama concerning the lives of a professional dancer and her two daughters, is produced by Daniel Beahm and Erika Randall Beahm, who directs from a script she co-wrote with Jennifer Bechtel. The film stars Melanie LaPatin, Benji Schwimmer, Shannon Lea Smith, Laurel Vail, and Nicole Dionne.

Look forĀ in-depth coverage on this promising endeavor to appear right here because, of course, that’s the way C-U Blogfidential swings!

~ Jason Pankoke

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