Talent in demand at Surface 51

In the “film and television production news” component of C-U Blogfidential, we tend to focus on those projects brewing in Champaign, Urbana, and the cities beyond that one might term “entertainment,” although we could probably argue the deeper merits of various entries given the opportunity. There exists a whole other body of commercial and industrial work, however, generated to meet the promotional, educational, historical, and training needs of clients the world over. Much of this material is the province of marketing firms such as Surface 51, located just north of downtown Champaign in the Blue Line Station building on Neil Street. Not unlike producers in other avenues, professional marketers might have to look outward for resources to help complete particular media jobs. For creating original broadcast or on-line content, sometimes called “motion graphics” if combining live-action footage with a healthy dose of visual elements, this often necessitates a casting call for acting talent to appear before camera. A good example is a series of brief spots for the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District, posted in Surface 51’s portfolio, which highlights the diversity of passengers using their bus service.

That said, Surface 51 has asked us to share the following casting call for television spots they will be producing in the very near future! They assure us interested talent living in and outside the C-U are equally invited to submit their vital statistics, as described below, and have confirmed on Facebook they will also accept applications for future acting opportunities. Please send your messages or questions to talent [at] surface51 [dot] com. Good luck, everybody!

~ Jason Pankoke


Surface 51 is casting the following roles for television spots shooting late September or early October. Acting experience is a plus but not required. There are no speaking parts.

Husband & Wife (grandparents), age 50-65
Husband & Wife (parents), age 28-40
School-aged child (male or female), age 7-13
*Actual couples or families encouraged to apply!

Male or Female, age 30-60

Any age or gender

To be considered, please e-mail talent [at] surface51 [dot] com with your:

Phone Number
Recent Photo of Yourself
General Availability


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