Boxes hit the spot with Mr. Orion

Usually, when one refers to a “fun little ditty” the implication is that one is talking about a song. In this instance, we’ll make the case that the new music video for “Let Me Inside When I Knock On Your Door” by local lo-fi group Morgan Orion and the Constellations is as much a fun little ditty as the tune that’s front and center on its soundtrack. Why not stream the goods while you’re here, dear reader:

Anchored by a clean “band in a box” composite effect, the music video was produced by Sam Ambler of Mongoose Productions, which has apparently been AWOL since the last time we reported on their doings, and Matt HarsH of HarshPro. Look fast and you will recognize several Mongoose regulars like Ernie Springer and Gabrielle Reisman, Orion’s older sister. The video’s release comes hot on the heels of the debut of the Litterbox Collective, a live performance nucleus formed by Orion and several fellow artists; look for multi-band bills bearing the Litterbox handle in the very near future.

It’s too bad that we didn’t have more public showings of the locally-made A/V persuasion, apart from the occasional this and that. Following in the tradition of their earlier “Film Dependency” festivals, maybe Ambler and Reisman would consider launching a companion lo-/no-fi film group to Litterbox called – what else? – the Letterbox Collective.

I’ll leave the tip jar up front.

~ Jason Pankoke

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