N-G gives it up for C-U films

Is keeping up with the Beahms and Glasers and Butlers (oh my!) the new bandwagon when it comes to entertainment reporting in central Illinois? Maybe we’re seeing the beginning of a craze because hot on the heels of Dan Schreiber‘s SmilePolitely story about LEADING LADIES is Paul Wood‘s write-up covering the very same movie set which appeared in yesterday’s News-Gazette. Thanks to the journalistic sixth sense of Melissa Merli, the latter has been paired with some quotables from your humble editor about the recent rash of local cinema production. Topping it off at the bottom of the page spread is a profile of C-U musician/artist/good guy Brian Reedy, who just rocked out with MICRO-FILM pal Brian Robertson in the resurrected band Lonely Trailer during the “Play or Pose” reunion/benefit.

Good stuff all around; the stories hit the proper marks which one always hopes for. The N-G needs to do this sort of collective pop-cultural coverage a lot more often. Just make sure to visit the links above before the content is banished to their archives where one must pay to read … unlike, say, right here on C-U Blogfidential.

Finally, if you happen to be connected to the inner workings of the University of Illinois or its College of Media, then my profile ends with a bit of advice just for you. Please pass it on!

~ Jason Pankoke

p.s. It took a little while but the young guns at buzz magazine finally made the scene with not just one story, but two additional pieces covering LEADING LADIES. Can you picture that?

[Updated 6/18/09, 09:45 p.m. CST]

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