IOW: A very merry un-NAFF-day!


Oh, the time, how it flies … away in a big hurry, especially at the Secret MICRO-FILM Headquarters! We’ve been editing and writing so constantly these past few months – including a good handful of articles and columns we have in store for you by year’s end – the halfway point on the calendar between the last and next New Art Film Festival managed to sneak up on us this week. To mark the occasion, we’re sharing a partial photo set the awesome and talented Dora Valkanova shot for us during the fifth annual NAFF at the Art Theater Co-op way back on April 13. Feel free to hover your cursor over these images to learn who is who, even though it spoils nothing to flat-out tell Luke Boyce, Andrew Gleason, Griffin Hammond, Brett Hays, Chris and Anne Lukeman, Tim Meyers, Thomas Nicol, Oliver Peng, Matt Shivers, Christopher Sotelo, Andrew Stengele, Jonathan Ward, and the indomitable Z they are present and accounted for! Also, this might be the first time C-U Blogfidential has revealed what the interior of our beloved Art looks like; the group portrait above uses that all-important silver screen as a backdrop while the lobby picture below clearly shows the celebrity mural commissioned by previous owner Greg Boardman. (His successor, Sanford Hess, is standing outside.) In the remainder you can spot various related artifacts: a streetscape featuring the Art’s unmistakable marquee, the corner of a promotional poster for The Art Theater: Playing Movies for 100 Years, and the NAFF ’14 one-sheet drawn up by the ThirdSide agency. Did we ever mention we absolutely dig having the Art within walking distance of MFHQ? No? Shame on us, then.

Look for these and other good-to-great snaps to finally reach our Facebook page next week. We’ll also gift you a second dose of the Art on CUBlog in November, depicting its exterior at various stops on the Champaign-Urbana timeline of the past two decades. Finally, as far as our next go-round tripping the light NAFFtastic … guess we only have six months left to get on that one, don’t we?

~ Jason Pankoke

p.s. Nothing should be stopping you from visiting the Art during the absence of NAFF. Go see KILL THE MESSENGER and/or THE EXORCIST, beginning at 5 p.m. tonight!



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