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The Yahoo! Groups for both Champaign Movie Makers and the Central Illinois Film Commission recently recently bore postings from Kimberly Conner of Predestined Arts & Entertainment of Springfield, IL, in regards to extras casting for their first dramatic short, THIS LIFE AIN’T PRETTY. After announcing the production in the spring, Conner and her team have wasted little time moving through pre-planning and entering production.

Two hundred extras will be needed for church scenes being filmed this Saturday, July 25, and next Saturday, August 1. The shooting schedule for tomorrow is 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and hours for the follow-up have not been announced through the aforementioned grapevines. Individuals should contact Conner at (217) 621-7037 or kim [at] predestinedartsandentertainment [dot] com for further information.

Conner launched Predestined Arts & Entertainment with her sister Candice in 2005, according to their Web site. Earlier projects include a volume of poetry and a calendar benefiting breast cancer research. The original announcement about extras needs for THIS LIFE AIN’T PRETTY, which concerns a young African-American mother who contracts AIDS, follows the jump.

~ Jason Pankoke




Local Production Company is Seeking Extras

(Springfield, IL) Predestined Arts & Entertainment, an arts and entertainment company, is producing an independent film right here in the Capital City. The company is seeking 200 extras for the film, THIS LIFE AIN’T FAIR, of all ethnicities and age groups. The producer is also seeking original music.

The focal point of the film centers around the ideas and perceptions that people have about HIV and AIDS, spotlighting a young African-American woman that acquires the disease while in a heterosexual relationship, contrary to popular belief that an individual must have a history of drug use, engage in risky sexual behavior or promiscuity, or be gay. This film counters those claims by providing an up close and personal look at HIV/AIDS, providing further evidence that the disease is the number one killer for African-Americans between the ages of 24 and 44.


THIS LIFE AIN’T PRETTY is a gripping, one-of-a-kind story about a 28-year-old woman whose life is changed forever, in a single breath, with the utterance of four letters … AIDS.

Inspired by actual events, THIS LIFE AIN’T PRETTY captures a glimpse into the life of Brittney Nicole Lawrence, a young mother, who in the prime of her life learns that she is HIV-positive. What is even more trying is how she contracts the disease.

Told from a unique perspective, the story will touch your heart, delving into the internal aspects of the disease, once a person is diagnosed with HIV or AIDS, the stigma associated with the disease, the feelings of embarrassment, hopelessness, discrimination, and the isolation that often follow. The story goes beyond the stereotypes and short-circuits faulty beliefs. An up-close and personal journey, THIS LIFE AIN’T PRETTY will enrich your life, garner a new perspective, dispel the myths, and forever change the face of HIV and AIDS.

The extras will be needed on Saturday, July 25th and Saturday, August 1st, 2009. Individuals that are interested in being an Extra in the film, please contact: kim [at] predestinedartsandentertainment [dot] com.

Musicians that are interested in submitting original music samples may mail the material to:

Predestined Arts & Entertainment Co.
P.O. Box 8345
Springfield, Illinois 62791-8345

Predestined Arts & Entertainment Co. is currently seeking grants, sponsors, and investors. Sponsors and investors will receive a screen credit and recognition for their participation and involvement in the community focused film.

The target audience includes but is not limited to colleges and universities, healthcare organizations, community groups, churches, sororities and fraternities, and other socially conscious groups and organizations.


Kimberly Conner
Predestined Arts & Entertainment
(217) 621-7037

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