IOW: Hello ‘Kitty’ & Freeky ditties

E.B. and Naughty Kitty take a trip
from Sleepy Creek Studios on Vimeo.


Yeek! What better time than on a cold and dark October evening for your fiends at C-U Blogfidential to manifest one final “Image of the Week” prior to Halloween! Since the humble editor will be going out-of-state for a family visit this weekend, we’re posting early to remind you that Sleepy Creek Vineyards in Fairmount is hosting their annual Freeky Creek Short Film Festival at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow, Thursday, October 29, and at 8:30 p.m. on Friday, October 30, and Saturday, October 31. Word is the first two shows are sold out and very few tickets remain for the finale, so write info [at] sleepycreekvineyards [dot] com or call (217) 733-0330 to inquire about availability or a wait list as soon as possible. We simply can’t recommend enough the loony mesh of live stand-up comedy and freak-out world cinema developed by Sleepy Creek co-owner Joe Taylor and talented collaborator Bill Kephart; since Taylor does not reveal the schedule in advance, one needs to take a seat in their wine tasting room so one can enjoy every little Freeky Creek surprise to the fullest! Haunt the event’s Facebook page for awards announcements and other fun if you can’t be there in person or simply scroll this post to enjoy a complementary dose of Freeky on us! Below we have locally-made entries from 2014 that also played the New Art Film Festival earlier this month – IF ONLY…, a tuneful lark starring Mike Trippiedi, and CLOWNS ARE NOT SCARY, directed by Trippiedi and featuring Kephart in a squirm-inducing turn – while above is a decidedly spacey oddity shown in 2013 as part of the event’s custom-made tour de farce. Each year, a cigar-chomping Easter Bunny played by Kephart emcees the show, typically involving a story line in which E.B. must get his bunny-tailed butt out of trouble by show’s end. The stage antics trade off with prerecorded gags such as the “trip sequence” shared here featuring E.B. and a recent addition to his stable of questionable pals, Naughty Kitty. We can’t be any blunter about the nature of E.B.’s misadventures except that, when paired with creepy and darkly funny films, Sleepy Creek wine, artisan confections, a game audience, and gut-busting laughs, it’s absolutely worth the weirdness!

~ Jason Pankoke

p.s. We don’t run advertising on CUBlog for others unless it is poster art or vintage graphics, but we feel obliged to trot the Freeky Creek skeleton mascot out of the closet today since it should have appeared in print by now in C-U Confidential #8. We apologize to all Freeky creatures great and small!

p.s.2 So, dearest reefers, it dawned on us while writing this piece that we have run consecutive stories with fluffy flying beasts awash in a rainbow of colors. Maybe we should lie down for a spell…

p.s.3 Oh, who are we kidding?!? This is an event anchored by a giant talking White Rabbit that is always in a deep hole and desperate to stay away from reality. Duh.



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