In My Backyard

So, what is “C-U Blogfidential?”

Or rather, what will “C-U Blogfidential” become?

If you read MICRO-FILM magazine and the MICRO-FILM News Blog, you see dripping from every word an enthusiasm about the art form that is independent filmmaking. With “C-U Blogfidential,” we intend to make a minor splash creating a community history through cinema, one that we can definitely call our own.

Eventually this particular site will serve as an on-line home to a seeimngly inconsequential footnote in the scheme of cinematic doings, one that you most likely never thought existed, let alone warranted documentation. Those who flip through MICRO-FILM have witnessed the initial steps in this “local filmography” called “C-U Confidential,” borne out of the editor’s whims to examine what makes non-Hollywood production tick when originating from a geographical site far, far away from southern California. In this case, he had to look but one place for inspiration – his own backyard.

Please be patient with us, for this site will not jump to life right away as we busy ourselves with streamlining the new MICRO-FILM News Blog, re-making the MICRO-FILM Web site, and marching forth on upcoming issues of MICRO-FILM and Backyard Cinema. Take a peek every now and then in case something strange, quirky, or interesting has suddenly materialized out of this virtual cyber-ether.


Jason Pankoke
Publisher, “C-U Blogfidential”

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