NAFF website indefinitely closed


Good morning, creatures of good cultural habits! Hate to be the bearer of sad news, even if I’ve been dropping hints in articles and posts about it lately, but I can verify the eight-year run of the New Art Film Festival’s official website has come to a tentative end. Maintained by our gracious friends and sponsors at ThirdSide, the site served as a sort of companion barometer to C-U Blogfidential that introduced visitors to the wide world of our self-made cinema in its own way. Since the festival is currently dormant, so is ThirdSide’s obligation to trade their service. If you attempt to access it at newartfilmfestival [dot] com, the redirect will gently port you over to the Facebook presence. (You can click on the “darkened theater” screen grab above to open up one final look, if you wish.) Not enough to curb your NAFF withdrawal? We’ll always have its YouTube archive and its composite history added here just last month. I will share announcements on all fronts should we have movement with the NAFF in the future. Always feel invited to float ideas or pitch actions the way of your humble program director at newartfilmfestivalcu [at] gmail [dot] com. In my cinematic heart, I believe the NAFF deserves a more constructive and honorable ending than where we’ve arrived. It would be exponentially nice to learn the Champaign-Urbana community feels the same with or without an operational Art Theater in tow. Please exercise those good cultural habits and give attention to the region’s other film programs that I recently discussed. Thanks much!

~ Jason Pankoke

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