Driver busted with bootleg DVDs

From August 10, 2007:

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Article in Champaign daily The News-Gazette about Illinois State Police arresting Michigan resident Paul J. Adams III near Watseka on charges involving possession of marijuana and “unlawful use of unidentified audiovisual recordings.” (Remember that the direct link to this article will expire after Thursday, August 16.)


Editor’s note: Basically, this punk got caught with 200 boots and four burners in his trunk after being pulled over for speeding. Brilliant. I guess nobody taught Mr. Adams to refrain from mixing the three Ds – Driving, Drugs, and DVDs du Illegal – and I’m certain that when he heads to court next month, many people will remind him of the fourth D trumping everything else of importance in this case. That would be Dumbass as used in the phrase, “You, sir, are a dumbass.”

I also should amend my theory about the circumstances under which the News-Gazette will post movie-related stories on the Internet (see item: 7/31/07). Except when the Ebertfest circus rolls into town or local theater ownership changes hands, it seems obvious to me that crime must be involved for cinema to get some press around here. Unless, that is, you read C-U Blogfidential on a regular basis.

You do, don’t you?

~ Jason Pankoke

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