“McCollum Case” article

From August 2007:

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Article in Urbana newspaper The Public i by former Champaign mayor Dannel McCollum about understanding the significance of the case brought against the Champaign School District in 1945 by his mother, the late Vashti Cromwell McCollum, that challenged the presence of sectarian religious classes in public schools.


Editor’s note: When linking elsewhere, I usually don’t stray from the expected C-U Blogfidential targets as it may seem I’ve done here. However, apart from offering food for thought that is rendered with intelligence and clarity, McCollum’s article will introduce you to the subject matter of the next documentary by award-winning Champaign filmmaker Jay Rosenstein, THE LORD IS NOT ON TRIAL HERE TODAY. The derision apparently directed towards Cromwell McCollum during and after the 1945-8 court hearings strikes an eerie parallel to that which Rosenstein originally faced while making IN WHOSE HONOR? a half century later.

 ~ Jason Pankoke

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